Frequently Asked Questions

What to wear at a foam party!

We suggest wearing swimming shorts and T-shirts for boys and girls with swimming costumes underneath. Avoid wearing white as this will go see through. The foam is wet and the people in the foam pit will get wet so it is advised to bring a towel to dry off after the party.

What you need to do: As the organiser of the party you will be required to provide people to help oversee the people in the foam pit at all times when it’s in use. You also need to provide clean cold water with cups for people that have swallowed large amounts of foam as it dose not taste very nice and in some cases if someone has ingested large amounts the foam can induce vomiting.

Foam pit area: We will need an area of 18ft by 25ft to set up the equipment and the area must be free from glass, stones, wood, metal, sharp objects or animal excrement. If the area that the foam pit is to be set up in is not adequate we have the right to refuse the set up of equipment. All money must still be paid for in full.

Weather Conditions for outside events: We can supply our foam pits if it’s raining as long as we have some form of cover or shelter for the foam cannon and operator. We will contact you on day day of the event to check the weather in your area and it is up to you as the client to confirm or cancel the event. If you decided to cancel the event on the day when we contact you then we give you the right to re-book for another date as long as we have the date available. If we are instructed to turn up but are unable to setup because of heavy rain or strong winds then the client must pay the full amount or any outstanding money owed.

Payment: The booking / admin fee is non-refundable as this secures your booking date and also pays for administration charges. The balance is payable to the operators in cash on arrival before the equipment is setup. If we are instructed to arrive but cannot setup the equipment due to bad weather or the location is not suitable we must be still paid in full as this pays for delivery cost and staff costs incurred.

Rules in the foam pit:

  • Do not take mobile phones or cameras into the foam pit.
  • All footwear must be removed before entering the foam pit.
  • No smoking, eating or drinking in or around the foam pit area.
  • Do not wear glasses or contact lenses in the foam pit.
  • No play fighting or wrestling in the foam pit.
  • Do not force foam into someone’s face as this could make them sick.

People who will be excluded from the foam pit:

  • Intoxicated persons
  • People fighting or climbing on the sides
  • People being abusive to other people or staff
  • People who jump over the walls to enter the pit


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