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Indoor & Outdoor Foam Pit Hire – Inflatable Foam Dance Pit

We supply the most amazing foam party experience on the planet! We were one of the first foam party operators to supply foam pits in the United Kingdom back in 2005. We supply a 18ft wide by 18ft long inflatable foam party pit for outdoor foam parties with a high powered foam cannon, two members of staff, fluid for 2 hours and a cleanup service in and around the foam pit area.

Please note: if we supply the foam pit for indoor use, we do not clean the whole venue just the foam pit and area around the pit and the front walkway.

We have supplied our foam pits for Children’s Foam Parties in back gardens, Holiday Parks, leisure Centres and Group Parties. We have also supplied our foam pit hire service for Nightclubs and Adult Events.

The foam pits can also supplied with our UV foam fluid and lighting or our foam party disco package where we supply a 1000 watt speaker system and disco lighting.

A foam pit is inflatable pit made out of the same material as a commercial bouncy castle. It has a removable ground sheet to keep floors or grass areas dry. A foam dance pit is filled with biodegradable foam and participants dance around to music in a cloud of fluffy foam.

The foam pit was designed to keep grass areas dry as foam parties are generally held outside on grass. A foam pit can be set up in the corner of a back garden so that only the people who want to participate get foamed.  The foam pits are used in conjunction with our foam machines / foam cannons.

Great for all kinds of events, student , college and School Parties, Beach Parties and Corporate Summer foam parties.null


The foam is especially formulated for the use at foam parties. We supply signage for every event. All our foam party packages come with a Team Member and delivery to the venue. Foam parties can work for all ages see our photo gallery >>.

Large foam dance pit

You can adjust the amount of foam that’s filling the foam pit to meet the needs of your guests. And for Ice rinks look at this video….

We cover all of the UK……call us today

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Foam Cannon

foam cannon

We can supply one of UK’s BIGGEST FOAM CANNONS which is now available for bigger foam parties in large arenas, Ice rinks and Super clubs! We can also supply the very popular Strong Cannons for dry foam parties for Nightclubs, Student Unions, Children’s foam parties and Private Events. Theses cannons are out every week around the UK providing fun to thousands of people.

Again after popular demand we have bought the biggest foam cannon manufactured in the world. The Universal effects 500 Jet foam is the largest foam machine produced for the entertainment, nightclub and party industry. These will be available to hire with our Strong Cannons, for any advice of which one will be best for your needs either call or e-mail and we will be very happy to work with you and your needs.


We will provide this cannon with a member of staff to operate and set up the machine at your event. When we get there we will set up and evaluate the venue and set up cover for the party with the £5 million pounds venue and public liability insurance cover we have. We will provide a COSHH report for the foam fluid we use.

Regarding Venues and events places. 

We have a number of Strong Cannons that use a very low power supply. However produce large amounts of foam around eight meters and these are designed for small to medium size venues (100-600). These machines are the most popular since the foam it produces is of a dry consistency. This provide the customers with a great event and leave such a small amount of cleaning up. Due to the size of this Monster cannon and the huge amount of foam produced we recommend that the place holding the event has a minimum capacity of 700 people. It is great in medium to large clubs, ice rinks outdoor events or marquees. The have also been used on several TV Products on Top Gear and the Gadget Show.

foam cannon 350 215

These cannons we use have been around since foam parties started and with the advancement of the foam used in them. These strong cannons produce more foam than any Master Blaster and use little water due to the adjustments we have made to the equipment. It can also produce double the foam if you require more on the night!!  The machine only takes two minutes to adjust the out flow.

We own and operate the Strong air confetti cannon system that not only shoots confetti into the air but can also fire 3,6,9 or 12 cannons individually or at the same time from multiple locations on stage giving a perfect coverage of 360 degrees. This is great for product launches, stage shows, Nightclub Events, Student parties, Celebrations, Weddings and Birthday parties.

Choose from Gold, silver or multi coloured reflective metallic paper or multi coloured standard flutter paper. We provide the confetti in 1kg bags this gives you the choice of many colours and shapes.

We also have a Universal Effects 500 Confetti cannon that is designed for large venues of 750 -1000 plus. This machine produces a huge amount of confetti in the air and looks stunning. Please click the following link.

Nightclubs & Student Events: We can add money off vouchers, Real Money or Gold cards to the confetti so that customers can get money off drinks or free entry to the next event. We have even added real money into the confetti for an amazing dFoam pit hire, Foam Partyash for the cash frenzy.

The Monster is the largest Foam machine you can buy and be assured you will be amazed with the amount of foam this cannon can send out, please see our YouTube and gallery videos of us having a bit of fun.

We operate a number of Strong foam cannon for all our foam party events. We have been using these since 1998. The Strong Foam cannon is great for small to medium sized venues from 100 to 600 capacity with a choice of foam/mix. This machine has a large output and will fire blasting jet of foam over 8 meters into the air.

We can also supply Children’s foam pit parties with an inflatable foam pit. For more information please click here. We have just purchases a new larger pit for clubs and events. Along with a outdoor foam pit 50 ft x 70 ft for around 200 people.


  • Foam Blaster foam cannon or a monster.
  • Operator / staff
  • £5 million pound public liability insurance cover
  • Delivery
  • Risk assessment
  • A3 signs


  • UV foam fluid and lighting from £50.00.
  • Flavour foam from £50.00.

CLEAN-UP: At the end of the event we can supply a member of staff with an industrial wet-vac and de-foaming equipment to clean up any foam left over which takes about an hour. This is just £50 extra.

PLEASE NOTE: we only clean the dance floor area, we are not responsible for cleaning the whole venue!


SAFETY: With all our foam machine hires we always provide staff, delivery, risk assessments, COSHH reports for the foam fluid we use and £5 million pound product and public liability insurance cover. For more information please see our safety page.

For more information please see our safety page.

We cannot be held responsible for any water damage caused to dance floors due to the nature of the product using high volumes of water. If you are hiring the venue please check with the venue owner or operator that you have permission to use a foam machine.

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